In the media: Russell Alexander appeared on Global News Radio, CFPL 980

Last week Russell Alexander appeared on Global News Radio to discuss the spike in divorce cases during the pandemic and what impact the lockdown has had on the courts.

Since the courts were mandated to close due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many divorce cases were forced to be rescheduled which has caused a backlog within the court system. Separating couples who filed for divorce before the lockdown are now looking at a 5 to 6 month wait period before they could have an opportunity to be heard before a judge. Additionally, new cases that are being filed into the system currently could be faced with a wait time of up to a year.

Traditionally, the courts have been all about paper. However, Mr. Alexander notes that the Covid-19 pandemic has jolted the courts into the digital age, forcing them to adapt to modern technology, electronic filing and virtual conferences. It is possible that the Covid-19 pandemic may permanently change how the courts operate in the future.

Mr. Alexander explains that, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, couples who have decided to separate are still able to take that step as professionals and alternative dispute resolutions, such as Collaborative Practice, are still available to finalize the terms of your divorce outside of the courts.

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